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Bringing Discount Wholesale Properties to the Masses by Creating Financed Investment Opportunities.

National property wave is an all encompassing Real Estate platform designed for investors of all levels. We pride ourselves on having created a simplified system for both novice and seasoned investors. We have established proprietary financed opportunities for investors by allowing them to maximize their purchasing power on our discounted wholesale properties. This is extremely important and beneficial to investors because 99% of the time these same exact wholesale properties are cash only deals, and financed offers are not even a distant option. Our investors on average receive $20K+ in equity and savings EVERY DEAL EVERY TIME ! Through our system we take the remaining 1% and make the dream possible by providing an opportunity for you to get financing for these wholesale properties and leverage your capital so that it can be used for down payments on multiple properties. Where else can financing be equal to or better than cash .... Here at National Property Wave !

Did You Know?

Over the last two centuries, about 90 percent of the world’s millionaires have been created by investing in real estate.

Finance Your Investment Same as Cash

With our unique proprietary financed wholesaler buying program we have set the stage for your financed offer to get accepted the same as a cash offer.

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Join the journey with us as we educate you on how invest like the pros.

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Sign-up now to receive more information about National Property Wave. Let us help you become the real estate investor you’ve always aspired to become. Once you sign-up, you’ll learn how to start investing in real estate though our education system or one on one and group coaching. We’ll give you access to our wholesale property list as well. Did we mention that this information is FREE! We’re here to guide you through your first investment property, then the second, third, fourth, and so on….

Once you've signed up, we will contact you to begin the process to access our exclusive Wholesale Property Platform, property lists, FREE Education, FREE Coaching, as well as our Preferred Lenders that are ready to help you take advantage of this revolutionary real estate investment opportunity.

Want to upgrade your financial situation today? Learn how to use the Sellers equity to help buy your investment property. Our team will coach you, get you financed, and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.


National Property Wave Wholesale Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Real Estate Program Features

Get on the INSIDE!

Let us help you begin securing your future and START MAKING MONEY NOW with our Exclusive Inside Investor Club! Our Inside Investor Club (IIC) is a group of investors who are truly serious about changing their lives through Real Estate Invesng. Every IIC member must go through a Qualificaon process to see if they qualify before gaining access to our program. Our program is a Proprietary, One of a Kind program that gives our IIC members access to properes all over the country at wholesale prices. And guess what?? You don’t have to be a Cash Buyer to get these deals! That's right! Why pay full price for a home just because you're not a Cash buyer? Now you can start your journey to become a true Real Estate Investor by becoming an IIC Member TODAY!

Inside Investor Club Members Get Exclusive Access to our Real Estate Pros to help you from A-Z!

IIC members who qualify for our program gain exclusive access to our 50+ years of Real Estate Expertise and Experience at NO ADDITIONAL COST!! Our goal is to help you to become a true investor and begin building your portfolio. This is a truly client oriented, all inclusive program where we help you to learn Real Estate Investing from start to finish! Yes, you will be part of that 2% that ACTUALLY DOES A DEAL!! We have Experienced Professionals in every aspect of the industry from Mortgage Lenders to Tax advisors to ensure your Success!!
Stop spending time and money gathering information from the “Gurus” and Start Making Money from the true Experts TODAY!!

Information doesn't make you an Investor, Implemetation does!

You can spend thousands of dollars attending different seminars and listening to information, but if no one shows you how to actually implement the information and learn the skills to do a deal, then how can you truly be an investor? Guess what? 98% of people who attend seminars to become an investor never actually do a deal! That means only 2% of seminar attendees spending thousands of dollars never actually make any money! Unfortunately, the seminar “Gurus” and their “Coaches” are the ones who become rich, not you.

“As I attended a real estate investing event a couple weeks back, I couldn’t help but take interest in each of the speakers and seeing what they were all about. Some speakers seemed to have a genuine interest in creating value for their audience and delivering valuable content, while others seemed most interested in lining their own pockets. For me, this is nothing new, since the first real estate “event” I ever went to was nothing more than a sales pitch for expensive tape sets, seminars and additional coaching.”
~ Andrew MacDonald
“The Real Estate Guru Trap”

We're Here to Ensure You Succeed. How strong is your desire?

“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”
~ Robert Kiyosaki
Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Exclusive BONUS INVESTOR GUIDE just for signing up!

Contact us today through the link below to see if you qualify to be an Inside Investor, and you'll instantly receive a BONUS! FREE INVESTOR GUIDE: THE TOP 20 MISTAKES INVESTORS MAKE AND HOW TO AVOID THEM!

Time is limited to Join our Inside Investors Club! Open Enrollment is happening NOW!

We are looking for serious investors who want to change their lives, so you must qualify to join the Club! Just click on the link below to get started, and one of our Inside Investors Club Team Members will contact you to begin the Pre-Qualification Process. Once you are accepted, you will gain access to our Secret Wholesale Property List with Exclusive, Not on the MLS properties Below Appraised Value! And of course, don’t forget your BONUS GIFT!! Hurry, OPEN ENROLLMENT ENDS IN 7 DAYS! Click now before it’s too late!


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"National Property Wave was just fantastic from start to finish. They explained appreciating assets, income producing assets and passive income, we had no idea. We are very happy with our investment."
- Zane and Irma Skufca.

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Finally, A True Wholesale Property Investment Program That Actually Works...

This is an opportunity of a lifetime on a both business and a personal level. If you are finally ready to take your future into your own hands, National Property Wave has created specialized buyer programs to fit just about every investor’s situation. We have assembled this programming specifically so that our investors can enjoy the benefits of a better future. You can now be on the “inside” to understand how people are making passive income through real estate. To take advantage of this life changing program, all you need to do now is make the call!

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